How You Can Protect Your Pictures Online

Publishing photos online can be risky especially since you know that it can easily be downloaded and shared by other people. It seems that when you post something online, it automatically becomes public property but this should not be the case. When you catch someone who is promoting a photo of yours, then you can make charges and allow the legal system to provide you with the justice that you deserve.

How You Can Protect Your Pictures Online
How You Can Protect Your Pictures Online

Even simple pictures like feet pics get shared online very often. The truth is there are certain companies who are in need of feet pictures. What if your feet pictures are being sold by another photographer who is claiming that he took those photos? Someone else would get compensation for something that you have worked hard to capture.

It can be hard to sue someone who is using your pictures especially if you do not have enough proof that the picture was from you. The best thing that you can do is to prevent your pictures from getting stolen by people. How are you going to do that? These are just some of the things that you can do:

  • Place watermarks on your photos.

This is one of the most obvious things that you can do so that you can deter people from getting your images without your permission. There are some people who are considered to be opportunists. When they see a cute photo online, they can get it and then claim it as their own. Some would even place their own watermark on it. Do not let this happen to you. Add the watermark before posting.

  • Consider invisible barcoding.

This will allow you to add some “digital noise” to the pictures that you will post online. This means that your photo will have a pattern that can always be traced back to you. This means that you can trace where your picture goes especially if there are people who would say that it is their own. You may need to search separately on how you can do this for free or you may hire a company to do it for you.

  • Do not share a high-resolution file.

You may think that it will be a great idea to share an HD file but right now, with the number of people who can steal your photographs, it is best if you would keep the quality of your photos, just okay. You do not have to upload your photos in the best resolution possible unless you are planning to sell them. If you are planning to sell, make sure that people cannot right click on your photos so they will not be able to download.

  • Share in JPEG format.

The main reason why you are encouraged to share in JPEG is you can actually add some details on the metadata that will serve as your copyright information. It will be harder for people to copy your photos this way, for sure.

With all of these precautions that you have learned, you will have the ability to protect your photos from getting stolen from you.

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