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Wealth and Education Shape Our Taste in Music

Wealth and education play an important role in the type of music that we listen to. As a matter of fact, our social class can determine the sort of music that we listen to. This is according to research by the University of Colombia. People that are rich and educated have completely different tastes of music from those that are poor and uneducated. You will find that the high class are represented by music like jazz and classical music, while those that are poor and uneducated are more likely to listen to country, heavy metal, or easy listening. Chances are very high that they will reject jazz and classical music. Similarly, the rich are most likely to reject music favored by the poor.

Sociologists are actually arguing over whether there will ever be cultural elites that will sample music from all genres and appreciating them, instead of making a hard stance decision based on their social standing. This is a person that will enjoy music listened to by both the elite and poor.

Wealth and Education Shape Our Taste in Music
Wealth and Education Shape Our Taste in Music

A survey in Vancouver and Toronto showed that chances of having musical omnivores were close to nil, since most people interviewed identified elite forms of music like blues, folk, jazz and musical theatre as their favorites, while easy listening, new age and heavy metal. This means that social classes still determine musical tastes even though all the music is accessible.

This is probably because of the upbringing kids got from parents and teachers regarding all socio-economic classes exposure to classical music and opera. You won’t find rich kids in dangerous neighborhoods listening to explicit hip hop and rap. With the emergence of the internet, people have access to all sorts of music at roughly the same price and yet the social class patterns still exist. People are influenced by what their peers listen to, and worst of all, they reject what their peers reject.

LJ Hutchen Bb Trumpet Review

Getting children to appreciate music from an early age is important. One of the best ways of doing this is by letting them learn how to play music instruments. One of the easiest instruments to kick start your kid’s music instrument learning process is the LJ Hutchen Bb Trumpet, whose review we are now going to do.

This affordable trumpet features professional measurements for its bell and bore, ensuring professional sound output. It also features a lacquer finish and rose brass pipe, for sound enhancement. It comes with a braced tuning slide for better alignment while playing.


  • Professional bell and bore size for ideal sound, resonance, and intonation
  • Clear lacquer finish with rose brass lead pipe for full, clear tone
  • Braced tuning slide to maintain alignment
  • Stainless steel valves for consistent performance and prevention against corrosion
  • Also includes: Plush lined hard case, Yamaha valve oil, Standard size 7C mouthpiece, 2-year warranty


Wealth and education still play a major role in deciding what sort of music people listen to. There is a clear line between the rich, educated folks, and the poor, uneducated people.