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Smoke Cooking The Best Food to Serve At Corporate Events

If you want a corporate event to go off without a hitch then you need a few basic elements; Great drinks, good music, good entertainment and above all – good food.  Good food puts people in a good mood.  Everyone likes to sample yummy treats and delicacies that they don’t get in your average fridge or restaurant.  Great tasting food fills the belly, warms the heart and gives everyone something interesting to do at your corporate events.

But getting your hands of great tasting foods for these events isn’t always an easy task.  Most caterers and especially stores only serve those watered down platters with foods that mostly consist of dough and meats that all have the same flavorless taste.

If you are tired of these tasteless foods then perhaps it is time for your company to give DIY food prep sessions a try and one of the best foods you can possibly cook for your staff and guests is smoked meats.

Smoke Cooking The Best Food to Serve At Corporate Events
Smoke Cooking The Best Food to Serve At Corporate Events

Everyone loves the smoky aroma of smoked meats and the perfect smoky sausages, cold meats, burgers or smoked fish will certainly be a welcome treat for anyone attending.

What You Need For Preparing Your Own Smoked Meats

Preparing smoked meats isn’t as challenging as you might think, especially if you have a terrific digital electric smoke cooker.  A 30” smoke cooker has sufficient space for preparing up to 4 pork buts or 8 chickens at the same time which is pretty much enough for a pretty big corporate event.  Smoke cookers are pretty easy to use.  You simply add wood chips to your smoker, allow it to come to heat, add your meats and monitor the duration your meats are in the smoker.  Different types of meats require different prep timeframes and different temperature settings and it might be wise to scan a few recipes before you give this fun cooking event a try.

You will also need the best wood pellets for smoking because this will ensure a good internal smoker temperature and will enhance the smoky aroma of your smoked foods.

Best Meats for Smoke Cooking

You can smoke cook just about any type of meat under the sun as well as various other foods such as vegetables.  But many do believe that some meats just taste better smoked than others.  Here are the top best meats to smoke for corporate events;

Pork ribs – Everyone loves pork ribs, especially if they are smoked to perfection

Whole turkey – A whole smoked turkey is a perfect treat to serve at a corporate Christmas dinner.

Brisket – Smoked brisket is divine, especially since you can combine it with other foods such as burgers or fine bread so easily.

Pork butt – Pork shoulder I one of the easiest meats to smoke which also makes it the best for first-time smokers.

Salmon – If you fancy a seafood menu then you should definitely consider salmon since it is one of the best fish types for smoking

Sausages – Sausages from mini to Russian are all terrific for smoking and an easy snack to serve at your corporate events.