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A Guide To Choosing Cat Trees

As a cat owner, you probably want the best for your cat as it is part of your family. Cats, just like humans needs a comfortable space. Cat trees are one of those things that your cat will appreciate and hence you need to choose the right one. As much as they are many in the market, not all of them are as nice and worth spending on. Some of the things to keep in mind to choose the right cat tree include:

A Guide To Choosing Cat Trees
A Guide To Choosing Cat Trees


When the quality of materials is high, then the cat tree will be durable and give you value for money. With a high-quality material, you will be sure that your cat will not be hurt while sharpening its claws. If your cat is large you cannot afford to risk and you will need real wood and something very sturdy. If you are shopping for a large cat you will also notice that screws are used as opposed to nails or just glue and the scratching post made from sisal.

Strength and stability

This is especially due to the fact that the primary function of the cat tree is to give your cat playing space. With a strong and sturdy cat tree you are sure that your cat will play as much as it wants without a risk of the cat tree tipping over. It is good to remember the taller the cat towers the less stable it is likely to be. If you need a very tall tower be prepared to get extra attachments to make it more stable.

Cat weight

As a pet owner you should choose a cat tree depending on the weight of your cat or the number of cats that will use the cat tree. The good thing is that if you are shopping for a large cat the weight limit will be indicated and hence you can easily get a cat trees for large cats that can sustain your large cat or cats. If it is not strong enough to handle the weight it may be a hazard to your cats.

Storage space

When you are shopping for a cat tree it is important to give consideration to the available space you have in your home. You cannot buy a very large cat tree when you don’t have sufficient storage. I you have a big cat or multiple cats you may need a lot of space and you need to think about where you will designate the cat tree before committing to buy.


This will be influenced by the cat that will be using it. If they are more or if it is a large of course you will have to go for a big size cat tree.

There are many cat trees in the market and now that you know what to look at, you can easily get the perfect one for your cat. They will all come at different prices depending on the quality build and price. Its up to you to compare and choose one that will best suit your needs.